Equity Crowdfunding: The Essentials for Investors, Advisors and Entrepreneurs

Equity Crowdfunding: The Essentials for Investors, Advisors and Entrepreneurs

Chicago Crowdfunding Event

Globally, crowdfunding raised over $34 Billion in 2015, and is on pace to exceed Venture Capital investments in 2016. Now that both SEC’s regulation A and general solicitation of accredited investors are each fully in effect, the next evolution of crowdfunding is open to US based businesses and investors. We’re not talking about kickstarter or gofundme, we’re talking about selling business securities–debt and/or equity–which is a highly regulated activity.

Globally, crowdfunding raised over $34 Billion in 2015

Whether you’re an investor, advisor or entrepreneur, the new investment crowdfunding laws ARE and WILL BE affecting you and your business. Understanding these investment crowdfunding laws is key to unlocking your ability to leverage this new investment realm. So, you can either read the 685 pages of rules, or allow crowdfunding and business attorney Bill Hubbard to be your guide.

Bill brings 35 years of experience, and a passion to support his clients’ successes in business. He is committed to sharing complex information in a way that can be utilized by you immediately.

Joining Bill, for the last part of the program, are two divers and talented business owners, one with specific crowdfunding experience and one who has spent her entire career focused on the success of businesses of all sizes..

What to expect

  • Investors: Learn whether these alternative investments are for you, how to spot and assess investment opportunities which might be right for you.
  • Advisors: Learn how crowdfunding will likely affect your business, assess your liability, and learn about the crowdfunding resources which just might be available for you and your clients’ successes.
  • Entrepreneurs: Learn the difference between traditional funding, and crowdfunding, how to position your business to use crowdfunding and how to assess whether it’s worth your time, effort, and money to do so.

Not only will you be able learn–first hand—essential crowdfunding information from one best positioned, and has the credentials, to do so, but you’ll also receive invaluable counsel from two others whose perspectives will be key to your better understanding and use. Add to that your opportunity to meet people putting this information into practice in their own businesses, plus receive useful take aways which otherwise would cost multiples of your investment to attend.

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